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‘I learned more from Sara's edit on my first draft than I did in two years on a Creative Writing MA. Incisive, intelligent and creative editing that absolutely lifts a piece of writing.’
 Jane Brittan, Author 

‘Sara has the most attuned editorial eye I’ve ever come across. She notices gems no matter how deeply hidden and can coax the very best out of people with her gentle and encouraging hand. Her talent as a writer herself has, I think, a lot to do with this.’
Jodie Hodges, Literary Agent, United Agents

‘Sara Starbuck commissioned my first novels at Hodder & Stougton and I couldn't have wished for a better editor. Hugely insightful, sensitive and warm, she cares passionately about her writers and their work. She helped me become a much better writer and - some thirteen years and eleven books later - she is still my go-to person for advice on all things writing and publishing and the first person I recommend to other writers seeking editorial guidance. Massively experienced, highly respected within the publishing industry AND a lovely person, what more could any writer ask for?’

Siobhan Curham, Author 

‘Sara’s work is of an extremely high standard. She is approachable, friendly, timely, and above all professional. Without Sara’s input my work would be significantly less polished. I would recommend Sara to any writer seeking an experienced editor.’
David Penny, Author 

‘Sara Starbuck was a source of encouragement at a time when I was looking for fresh advice and a boost of confidence with my novel, Not Alone. Her advice was warm and nurturing, whilst also balanced and sharp, and it helped me lift the next draft of the story. I went on to submit to agents some time after this and finally found my agent.’

Sarah K. Jackson, Author, Not Alone (Pan Macmillan, April 2023)

‘I’ve worked with Sara as an author and as a proofreader, she has been a delight in every respect. Talented, reliable, responsive and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the publishing industry, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.’
Felicity Johnston, Commissioning Editor, Orion Children’s Books 

‘Fantastic girl-pirate author Sara Starbuck launched Reading Force 2012 for us on board HMS Warrior in Portsmouth. Sara brought her wealth of experience and abundant enthusiasm to her session with the children – she made them laugh, fired them up about stories and reading, and they all took a pledge to become bookaneers! We gave the children copies of Sara’s Pirate Fleur books and they were absolutely thrilled with them. Having worked with Sara, I highly recommend her for author visits and events.’
Hattie Gordon, Reading Force

I was struggling to get an agent when Sara Starbuck was recommended to me. Sara gave me a comprehensive overview and edit of my book. With her encouragement, we turned the book around and I got an agent and publisher. I wholeheartedly recommend Sara to anyone seeking editorial help.

Joy Kluver, Author, Detective Bernadette Noel Series (Bookouture)

A friend recommended Sara and I took him up on his suggestion. I’m so glad I did. I found her to be at all times professional and personable. With the assistance of her insight and imagination, she helped me bring about an abundance of improvements to my novel, which is now a much better read. Finally, talking with her is like giving your brain an Alka-Seltzer; when you’ve finished you’ll be fizzing.

Glynn Hollway, Author  


‘I loved working with Sara, and we had tons of fun together when she edited my Suzy P books. She brings enormous energy and enthusiasm to a project, as well as boundless positivity and heaps of ideas on how a text could be improved, which is exactly what you want in an editor. Sara is friendly, approachable and easy to talk to and I recommend her highly.’
Karen Saunders, Author, Suzy P series


‘Sara Starbuck is an amazing author to invite for an event to meet and engage the children with a brilliant mix of information and fun. Her passion for writing shines through and inspires children making them believe they can all be the best at whatever they choose to be, from pirates or fairies or something else entirely. Sara is a joy to work with personally and for the children she meets the best hour they could ever have with an author.’

Debra Conroy, Children's Services Manager, Manchester Libraries

‘I was introduced to Sara at a time when my book needed an expert eye and ruthless direction. I got this and more. Her personal commitment and diligence saw me through. Not only did I gain a trusted editorial magician, I also had fun.’

Helen Lederer

‘Sara is the consummate editor: thorough, thoughtful and incisive.  Her patience, encouragement and advice based on years of industry experience made her contribution to my work invaluable.’

Gerard Mullins, Author

‘Sara has given me incredible support throughout my time with her. Her confidence in my work was instrumental in helping me finish the first draft and the advice and guidance she has provided for the second draft has been even more valuable. I was worried about writing a series for the first time, and how to approach planning the first of a series but, thanks to Sara's expertise and queries, I have now developed a plan and outline for all three books in my trilogy and can approach agents and publishers with confidence. I would recommend her to anyone.’

Annabel Rudd, Author

‘I highly recommend Sara to any aspiring writer. Sara understands not only the mechanics of story writing, plot construction, and character development but also makes an effort to understand the motivations of the author behind the story. I could not have asked for a better editor. Her thoughtful analysis of my manuscript made me fall in love with it all over again, and helped me identify precisely the spots that need more work.’  Sadie Noni, Author, Writers & Artists Client 

‘After working on my first novel Hacking George for eighteen months, I was nervous about putting it in the hands of an industry professional to edit it. I needn't have worried. Sara's comprehensive feedback and helpful suggestions enhanced the positives in the manuscript, taught me some useful techniques, and encouraged me to strengthen the heart of my story. After a six month rewrite, the feedback from my beta readers proved Sara's value. She'll be editing my next book.’

Bob Palmer, Author

‘Sara's edit on my first novel was the difference between it being a project to tinker with, and having a submission-ready draft that I felt confident taking to agencies for representation.  From start to finish, she was warm and professional: timelines and costs were clear, feedback was precise and nuggets of experience were shared too.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to take the next step in their writing.’

Louise McKie, Author

‘I have been blessed with having Sara as my editor. We had a great chat, bounced ideas, and she really got me thinking of upping my game. The result is a re-write, but this version really has more depth and I am enjoying the new ride on the story.’

Marc McGowan, Author, Writers & Artists Client

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