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Developmental Edit (also known as Structural Editing)

A developmental edit is substantive. It's the first stage of the editing process where the script is viewed as a whole. This is when author and editor look at the big picture of the manuscript, focusing on areas such as structure, dialogue, plot, characters, suspense and tension, pace and flow. Is the narrative compelling? Do all the plot lines tie up? Are the characters charismatic? The aim of a developmental edit is to help you shape your manuscript. We write the first draft for ourselves, but the next must be for the reader.  This is a challenging stage, but necessary and ultimately the most rewarding. This is where you find out if you've got the grit and determination to make it as a writer. 

I mark-up the manuscript online with script notes, comments and suggestions. I also write you bespoke editorial notes covering everything in detail. This service also includes a one hour follow up meeting, online or by phone to discuss everything before you dive back into any revisions.

Rate: £20 per 1000 Words

Editorial Assessment

Advice and critique on your manuscript. I will look at the script in progress and provide in-depth feedback that will help you realise your book’s strengths and weaknesses.

I will provide you with a report that will help you focus on your revisions accordingly. This can be for a complete or partial script.

Rate: £15 per 1000 Words


The final editorial stage in the book production process before the book goes to print or is converted to ebook is the proofread. This is your last opportunity to catch any issues or errors that might have been introduced at the typesetting stage. It also catches any last-minute typos or errors that may have survived the copy edit. Proofreading can take place both on screen and on hard copy.

Please note that a proofread is not a substitute for a thorough copy-edit.

Proofreading is charged at the CIEP industry minimum rate of £28.65 per hour

Query Letter Review

If you have decided to follow the traditional publishing route and are looking for representation by a literary agent, you need to ensure that your submission stands out from the crowd. With the query letter review, the aim is to help you put together the best possible submission package.

I will assess your introduction letter, synopsis and the first three chapters, ensuring that they have the hook you need to be noticed.

Price: £120

Opening Chapters

Opening chapters are your first and only chance to get noticed in an over crowded industry. How do you create a hook that compels your reader to read on. Have you introduced your characters correctly? Is there a sense of rising suspense and tension – no matter the genre – to feed the reader. Have you started telling your story at the right moment? Is the story even working at all?

This service provides detailed feedback on those important first pages of your book, plus a 30 minute follow up call.

Price: £240

Brainstorm Session

Have you got the seed of an idea but don’t know if it works. Have you lost the plot? Do you need some inspiration. I can help with creative blocks and tired manuscripts.

I will go through a detailed outline of your work (not a polished synopsis) ready for discussion by phone or Zoom. There is no report provided for this.

Rate: £100 per hour

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