Services for Writers

‘I learned more from Sara's edit on my first draft than I did in two years on a Creative Writing MA. Incisive, intelligent and creative editing that absolutely lifts a piece of writing.’

Jane Brittan author The Edge of Me  

Whether you want to write a book about singing frogs or noir detectives, I can equip you with all the literary tools you'll need. It doesn't matter if you're in the early stages of a draft or ready to submit, I can help. I enjoy working directly with writers and developing a deep rapport. So much of any writer’s life is about stamina, recovering from set-backs, getting over creative blocks, facing new challenges.  As a writer myself, I've been through all of that too.  I can offer encouragement, support and expert advice.

Please don't hesitate to Contact Me to discuss your writing, the type of service you are looking for and my rates. I always try to tailor the editing service to fit you.

Manuscript Review

A read-through of your manuscript, with a short summary and optional phone chat afterwards. This service is good if you know you're on the right track.

Comprehensive Edit

A structural editorial critique, mark-up (edits to the manuscript online or on hard copy) and a post-edit brainstorming session, usually via phone or skype. I will cover all aspects of the writing process, give comprehensive editorial guidance, suggestions for improvement and tutoring on writing techniques to make your prose sing. This service is good if you want a more hands-on editorial approach.


If you've hit a dead-end or need some creative support, I can help you to find the plot. Contact me to book a session.


The mentoring package allows you to book one-on-one time with me to use however you want, whether that’s reading your full manuscript or just a section; brushing up on a literary technique; brainstorming your plot; or preparing your submission package. I can also run one on one workshops with you covering all aspects of writing a novel, including: Inspiration and Ideas; Character; Plot, Point of View; Description; Dialogue; Voice; Pace; Setting and Denouement.  Please contact me to discuss putting together a plan for workshop hours. I am Sussex based but happy to travel to London for meetings. If not Skype or phone work just as effectively.